1. Create a member account

Move your cursor to member in the toolbar and click to go to that page or click the button below.

2. Enter your email & Password

How to become a member to see videos

3. You will receive an email confirmation

Members are approved to ensure everyone's privacy and protect against spam.

4. You can download the app or use your computer browser.

We recommend viewing live videos on your computer browser. Check your junk mail to make sure you're receiving WOMM emails.

5. Set up your profile

This profile is for the WOMM website only & will only be visable to other members of the WOMM website. 

6. If you make your profile private

Click the 3 dots on the upper right side of your profile to make it private. Please note you won't be able to comment on the live videos or forum discussions if your profile is private. 

To Become a Member

7. Edit your profile & Notifications

Click anywhere in your profile box. On the lower left click each item about your account to adjust your settings.

8. To view the meeting & comment make sure you're logged in.

Click the member icon to log in, view the monthly meeting, and participate in the Q & A session.

To Watch Monthly Meeting

1. Go to www.wommnola.com & click video meeting

Make sure that you're logged in to your womm member account. 

2. Click watch now at 7:00 pm Tuesday, March 24

You may have to refresh your browser a few times if the video doesn't load. There is a slight delay in the live feed. Video will be available for viewing at a later date. Comments only show during live feed. 

3. Click this button to refresh your browser

Depending on your browser, it will be on the left or right side of the wommnola.com address at the top of your screen. 

4. Click here to view the video & comments

Clicking here changes the video from small to full screen size. Full screen size allows you to see comments viewers make.

5. Click here to make comments.

Comments are visible to all members who are viewing the video. Please use the same etiquette you would in person.

6. Type comments here & click arrow to post

Please refrain from questions/comments until the Q & A. WOMM will moderate the meeting & comments.

7. Comments Appear Like This

Please note there is a delay in the live-stream. You may have to enter your question more than once.

8. Raise your hand 🙋‍♀️ 😉

Please take turns asking questions & wait until the question is answered before asking a new question so we don't overwhelm Fr. Scott.